My current work tools are Java/Git/Atlassian/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio Code, but also use/used ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Angular, React, SQL Server, Flex, CSS, HTML5, Eclipse, QT, Python,…

I love to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and try to do this in everything I do.

You can hire me for small coding jobs, writing and presenting. See “Books”, “Articles” and “Presentations”.

I’m also the lead coach of the CoderDojo Belgium club in Ieper where we teach children (7-18) programming with Scratch, Arduino, Minecraft, Mindstorms, …

I’m married to Conny and we have a music-playing-son Vik.

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Frank Delporte

Book Author

#JavaOnRaspberryPi - Java Champion - Author of 'Getting started with Java on the Raspberry Pi' - Senior Technical Writer at Azul - Pi4J - BeJUG - CoderDojo