About Twitter and Mastodon

Twitter has been my “source of truth” for a very long time. I learned a lot from the many technical people who share their work and knowledge on it. It got me in contact with foojay.io and allowed me to share my Java writing which eventually lead to my job at Azul! I also wasted way too many hours by scrolling, but I still believe most of them were worth it.

But was is happening at Twitter HQ since Musk took it over, is a turning point. The way the people are treated that made it great, is not how a company should be lead.

I already had a Mastodon account for many years. It’s not a full-Twitter-alternative, but a micro-blogging system that has a lot of resemblance to Twitter. But as Twitter was still a good place, I didn’t use that account very actively.

When I saw a lot of people started to move to Mastodon, and the network became overloaded, it was clear we needed an instance for the Java community. I’m very thankful that Foojay provided that possibility. This happened in three steps:

I hope we meet in the Fediverse, you can find me on foojay.social/@frankdelporte.

Originally published at https://webtechie.be.



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