3D printed Raspberry Pi organizer

Designing additional elements

By importing the mount- and backplate-file in Tinkercad, I was able to design a holder for several Raspberry Pi’s and backplates for Raspberry Pi Zero — which is smaller — and Raspberry Pi V1 — without mounting holes.

Tinkercad designs

Printed elements and assembly

This is how the end result looks:

Final result with the mounted Raspberry Pi boards


If you start from an exising project, always check the dimensions. In this case the mount has 3mm-holes for the screws to attach the Raspberry Pi, but that’s actually the width of the holes in the board itself. A screw of 2mm is a lot easier, so I needed to create little fillers for the holes because I only found out after printing 5 of them… Another point for the lessons-learned-list :-)



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