As part of the Foojay Virtual OpenJDK 17+ JUG Tour, I was asked to present the state of Java and JavaFX 17 on the Raspberry Pi. So, a perfect opportunity to freshen up my #JavaOnRaspberryPi presentation with some hot-off-the-press version information.

In this article you can find more background information…

After long rework, the Pi4J library (a friendly object-oriented I/O API and implementation libraries for Java Programmers to access the full I/O capabilities of the Raspberry Pi platform) has taken a big step with the first release of the V.2.

The Pi4J Project was started in 2012 by Robert Savage

In this article, Almas and I will show you how to start with an idea for a game and bring it to life in a prototype application. We will then modify the application to run on a Raspberry Pi and on a mobile device.

To give some background, some time…

In a previous post “Getting Started with FXGL Game Development,” we already have taken a look at the FXGL game development framework developed by Almas Baimagambetov.

But, this game engine can also be used for other use cases. In this post, we will be building a system monitoring dashboard, which…

Are you a serious Java-developer looking for a fun project? Or want to learn something completely new and use your Java-knowledge to control electronic components? Here we go with this small project to get you introduced to the world of electronics programming!

We are going the make the “Hello World”-the…

The post “Starting a JavaFX Project with Gluon Tools” shows you how to start a Gluon Mobile Multiview project with a few clicks in IntelliJ IDEA thanks to the “Gluon plugin”.

In this post, we will use such a project and build it with GitHub Actions as a native application…

On you can already find two posts by Carl Dea to get you started with JavaFX:

Confused about the release cycles of OpenJDK and OpenJFX and the relationship between them? Read on!

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Since 2018, Java switched to a 6-months release cycle. Every new release…

After my virtual conference talk “Java and JavaFX on the Raspberry Pi” at the “Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour 2020”, I got in touch with some people who were working on JavaFX 3D in the past, and were curious how that would behave on the Raspberry Pi.

Only one way…

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