3D printed Raspberry Pi Arcade box

Remixed projects

On the Prusa Printers website, I found two projects as a starting point for a remix:

  • The four push buttons on the front have different formats, while my kit contains four identical black buttons.
  • As it’s s solid box, a lot of print time and plastic is needed.

The modified box

The print files are available on the Prusa website: “Arcade Joystick Controller for Raspberry Pi”. This design allows to print without support and brim. Only the top leaves of the Raspberry Pi logo need a little bit of clean-up after the print.

3D Printed box

Finished box

Some pictures of the end result…

The finished result


Didn’t I conclude my previous post with the tip to always check dimensions before printing? Well… I made the same mistake again ;-) The first print wasn’t useful as the position of the Raspberry Pi didn’t allow to connect an HDMI cable. And I hadn’t noticed the four holes in the front for the black buttons aren’t identical in the original project.



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